IMS Wraps

IMS wraps focus on the artistic design and installation of:

  • car wraps
  • boat wraps
  • race car wraps
  • truck graphics
  • trailer wraps
  • train wraps
  • airplane wraps
  • building graphics
  • motorcycle wraps
  • train wraps
  • RV wraps
  • bus graphics

With nine years’ experience of installing large format vinyl graphics we can “wrap” about anything. This allows you turn your company vehicles, windows and buildings and into large advertising spaces for eye-catching wraps gets people’s attention.

Vehicle wraps are a great value!

Presently vehicle wraps are the most cost-effective and powerful advertising. They have the lowest cost per visual impression than other media advertising including radio, television, newspaper and magazine. That’s more bang for the buck with your advertising costs.

Why Would I Want a Vehicle Wrap?

Wraps are the most cost-effective advertising and your brand is noticed! A beautifully designed vehicle wrap makes you stand out from the competition and get potential customers’ attention. Changing them frequently keeps your brand fresh and it is easy and cost-effective.

Once your graphics are designed and printed, your wrap can be changed in less than twenty-four hours. You can do short promotions for a few months, or brand your company fleet for up to 5 years. The wraps don’t damage your vehicles. As a matter of fact, the wraps protect your vehicle’s paint from sun and weather damage. Wraps make a bold statement and are remembered and notice by potential clients. Wraps are a great way to invest some advertising dollars!