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40' tall banners downtown. Thanks TwentyOne01 for the business! #imscolorado #downtownbanners https://t.co/COsy1Dyn5n JJHeimColorado photo

Our team had fun with this mini-trailer. 3M IJ180 vinyl full wrap - converting this trailer to a covered wagon! Thanks BGV for the business. #imscolorado https://t.co/PTqlf5XGnn JJHeimColorado photo

Looking for a way to make a statement in your boardroom? Here's a waterjet cut aluminum logo we installed for First Industrial. Thanks First Industrial for the business! #imscolorado https://t.co/BOTgmxuUnG JJHeimColorado photo

We’re closing at 1pm today. Be safe out there! https://t.co/nVdQUugmvN JJHeimColorado photo

For a higher end solution, we 2nd surface printed this sign on 1/4" acrylic then 1st surface printed with raised white ink, topped off with two strips of brushed silver aluminum. Thanks Bank & Boston for the business! #imscolorado https://t.co/AmEbYoScfj JJHeimColorado photo

Large wall murals are a great option to make a big impact for an exhibit or showroom. Thanks History Colorado for the business! We hope the new exhibit is a success! #imscolorado https://t.co/WZBoS290TF JJHeimColorado photo